Amazon opens Textbook Rental portal

Renting textbooks became extremely popular when the service began a few years ago, since that time prices for the books have dropped and new services have made it even better. Out of all the textbook rental services, Amazon stands out to me for a few reasons. One, the company has its own world-wide distribution network for shipping your books in an orderly and secured fashion, the second is how you return them.

Unlike a lot of local places that require you to come in, fill-out forms and check IDs, Amazon lets you ship your books back to Amazon (for free). Return labels are part of your purchase and in just moments you can have your books back to the original supplier and move on to the next semester.

With their flexible rental program, you can keep your textbooks for a semester. And when it comes time to send your books back, we’ll pay for return shipping. All this means more money in your pocket for the things in life that can’t be learned from a book.

Rent your textbooks this year and save up to 90%