10 Tips to Help You Turn the Page on High Textbook Costs

Forget about the overpriced campus bookstore, and opt for an e-book or rent your textbook instead.

U.S.News & WOrld Reports Money section looks at the high cost of textbooks. They report long gone are the days when the only place to buy college textbooks was the campus bookstore. As textbook prices have skyrocketed so, thankfully, have ways to acquire them for less than the three-figure sticker price demanded for a single book.

An example they site is searching for an introductory psychology textbook called “Psychology: Themes and Variations, Briefer Version.” At the campus bookstore, the book was $182.35 new and $136.75 used. But on Amazon.com the current version of the book is$110 used and an earlier paperback edition is just $4.05 (plus shipping). An e-book version was going for $43.41 at online retailer.

They list  the 10 tips to save money on textbooks here

One way of easily comparing the many sources and formats for textbooks these days is to use a site like cheap-textbooks.com