Cheapest Textbooks Guaranteed

One way to curb the cost of college textbooks is to shop online. I have seen  textbook websites promise discounts of up to 90 percent. Students can buy or rent new, used and electronic textbooks for less. Many sites also buy back books and host marketplaces that connect buyers and sellers directly.

No site is a guaranteed source for the lowest price. I recommend you take some time to shop around for the cheapest textbook prices. Price comparison engines such as can help you locate the cheapest source. Used and rental textbooks cost less than new ones, but notes and highlighting often scar their pages, and supplemental materials and online access codes may be missing. Ebooks also may be cheaper, with no charge or wait for shipping, but no sellback value.

Selling a book back at the end of the semester can help allay the cost. Each site determines its tolerance for dinged corners and scribbling in the margins and sets buyback prices accordingly. Again, it pays to shop around for the best offer.