Places to Sell Your Books Back

It’s finally the end of the year! As you are packing up your room and trying to fit your futon into a two-door sedan, you are probably wondering what to do with the many books you purchased this semester. Of course, you could keep them for your bookshelves to look back and reference. But if you need some extra money, there is always the option to sell your books. Here are some places to do just that:

  1. At Milligan–Milligan has its annual Book BuyBack on Tuesday. This is a good way to sell your books somewhere local without having to ship them off somewhere.
  2.–This is a pretty reliable place to sell and rent textbooks. Amazon is also known for offering a decent amount of compensation.
  3.–This is a popular site to rent, buy and sell books. Much like Amazon, it also offers pretty good compensation for textbooks.
  4. Sell your books to incoming freshmen–Save your books till next year! This is a good way to help incoming students and to get to know them. Plus, you get rid of your heavy textbooks. You also get to decide your own price.
  5.–Yet another website that will allow you to sell, buy or rent textbooks. However, they usually do not offer a lot of compensation and will only occasionally buy back books.