Saving You Money: College Textbooks in Maine

Jake Holmes, the Young & Free Maine Spokester for Maine’s Credit Unions, has some ways to get those necessary items without even going to the bookstore.

“The average college student will spend $1,200 on textbooks this year which is outrageous,” Holmes says, “That’s 1,041% more than in 1977 and because of that, 60% of students say they won’t buy their required textbooks and that’s kind of a problem because you kind of need your textbooks to do well in school.”

Holmes says students can start by checking the library because it will often have copies of books, just make sure you reserve the books in advance.

Renting books can be cheaper than buying, as long as you give back your books in time and avoid any late fees.

Try to find students who took the same class and are trying to sell their textbook, you may be able to negotiate on price.

If you want cash to buy textbooks, you can enter the Young & Free Maine’s Bucks for Books contest.