Textbooks aren’t just moving online — they’re becoming personalized and interactive

Colleges are turning away from the traditional print textbook in favor of a popular platform of media, music and television consumption: the digital subscription.

One introductory economics textbook, previously printed at 800 pages thick and marketed at $250, is surpassing the limitations of both print textbooks and e-books to offer an interactive learning experience for college students, according to an article published in Quartz.

Pearson, which publishes the textbook, recently partnered with IBM Watson to integrate artificial intelligence with the book’s content and concepts. The result is a more personalized learning experience for the student, who can receive customized quizzes, instruction and suggestions from the software.

This digital alternative is offered as a $90 semester-long subscription — a far more affordable option than the hard copy, which sells for almost three times that price.

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