MCC student trying to sell textbook uncovers Craiglist scheme

When a college student recently tried to sell an old textbook on Craigslist, she unwittingly uncovered a scheme that has tentacles that reach from the west coast to New York City. She knew she needed to warn others, so she Dialed Deanna.

Molly Roy knows numbers.  She’s a math major. “I took a short summer class at MCC, and I had to buy the book from MCC,” said Roy.

Roy is referring to the book, Elementary Differential Equations, which she bought new for $200. After she finished the course, Roy tried to sell the book for $75 on Craigslist.

“I ended up getting this suspicious buyer,” said Roy.

Roy said someone answered the ad immediately. The name on the email was Williams Carey. But the email address reads Frank Haigh. And that’s not all. His email was odd, and had awkward sentence structure. It said, “I will need your honest and trust to end up this transaction. i will like to know if I can trust you with my money, since the payment will be issued out soon.”

“That just seemed a little sketchy,” said Roy